Crusader Kings 3 as of September 2022

Who Wants to be a Crusader anyway?

1,153.1 hours played. Insane. 69/97 achievements.

My Gripes

How CK3 could better end. See Firaxis for details.

Achievements — In General

So very few people go for achievements or even remotely touch Iron Man in this game in the community. You can see that everything in that list above is radiating with the gold highlight. They are all achievements that have a very low completion rate among the community. Bod Chen Po, as an example, has only been completed by 0.4% of the global owners on Steam as of the date of this screenshot. The Mozarabic achievement you can see, Basque in my Glory, has only had a completion rate of 0.3% of the total players.

Game Burn Out

The new DLC inkling

Noticing just a hint of salt.


“When you buy a Paradox game, you are basically buying a demo, that is all you are buying. Because the DLCs that you’ll need to get are so instructive, so important to the game. However, that’s not the case to CK3. When you bought Royal Court, I’ve been saying since Royal Court came out it’s the worst [expletive] DLC that they’ve ever brought out. Possibly for any Paradox title.” — Clan of Dunlaib — 16th August 2022



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