Is The Sims 4 Still A Fail In 2019?

Better but not better enough…

Those black black eyes… Sorry, 42 minutes. I looked at this one, it’s longer. Muhahahaha.

Quick Reference

Is the Sims 4 a serviceable game to play with the level of expansions it now has?

Do you now get a good game 5 years on?

What is still poor?

Bob Pancakes experiencing a blizzard at Geekcon — Epic Fail, as for Blizzard, what a shitshow they are right now.
Mass Effect Andromeda Vibes much. Those invisible beer glasses. Bob Pancakes will go thirsty tonight.
Shouldn’t there be a door here?
The Magic HQ, loathed by many builders for its ridiculous simplicity. We realise they have to work with the limited elements that the pack provides but this build is weak in the extreme. They may have been better to employ someone from the community to do a better job of the hub.

What has become poor on observation from 2017 to 2019

Yes Bob, It’s ‘d’ for divorce.

What has improved in my opinion from 2017 to 2019

Dolby is such a lovely boy. Why he is not sleeping in his dog bed is beyond me.

What I’ve noticed since playing The Sims 4 more since my last review in 2017

The matriarch’s various collections of families over the aeons. I worry about myself sometimes, na, not really :) And yes, Julianne likes the older specimen on occasion. Ah the elder, I wish they were better utilised. So much end of life to give.

Nostalgia and Expectation

That feel’s good…………

Speaking of Game Time;

1335 hours. A fair bit of time in hand.

The Expansions

Expansion Packs Since 2017 Review

Paka’a and Bob enjoying the sunset together, only Bob predictably needs a whizz. Bob, you suck. Yes, we now have boats that move, and jet skis. BTW; Bob wet himself before making the toilet. Bob, you suck.
Paka’a and Bob kissing near the volcano.
Crystal Peak — From the Folder-Verse — Because Get Famous Baby!!! — It only has a monthly upkeep of between 35,000 to 60,000 simoleons depending on the traits you have. Buttons, seriously. If only there were helicopters in the sims 4, I’d have two pads.
Julianne Folder making a splash in the cash with her former papparazi, live in lover. Gotta love the sims.
Brindleton Bay is a lovely world. Can you imagine setting sail on a big yacht off this coast? I could. Give’s me a nice Maine, New England feel.
Dog vs Cat at the feeding station, who will be victorious? Money is on the cat IRL even though I’m a dog lover. Maybe Claire should put another down. Claire Charming was of course in The Sims with her dog Luna, if you can cast your memory back that far. And yes, we’ve had a pet expansion in every Sims Game. It’s just how it goes.
Just one more. Damn these dogs and cats are cute.
If the dog’s getting a cuddle. Can’t leave the cat out.

Game Packs Since 2017 Review

Selvadora is really rather beautiful.
Eliza heads into the local bar and market to swap tales with the locals. Bob Pancakes was left home for this vacation.
Julianne Folder versus Sofia Bjergsen. Surprisingly the more powerful caster isn’t always the victor in these bouts which adds some random chance to these encounters.
Wouldn’t it have been nice if you could have lived in one of these?!
A garden you can’t interact with inside a set dressing conservatory. :(
A superfluous Arena, that only gets used if you force another sim to head there or you get a phone call challenging you to a duel.

Stuff Packs Since 2017 Review

Stuff I’ve left out this time

Quick Honourable Mentions

Twist my nipples and call me Blenkinsop! We have adjustable path staircases.

Should I buy The Sims 4?


The Endgame

Thorne Bailey!!!!! OMG!!! Thorne Bailey everyone. Thorne Bailey. In the Spice Festival, in a Blizzard. Almost smacks of Cliff Richard at Wimbledon in a torrential downpour. Almost.


Bob: Those pants and heels really suit you, Paka’a. Paka’a: Shut up and hug me, Bob.
Eliza: You have lovely shoulders, Briceida. Briceida: To the left Eliza, just a little bit more.

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