Politics Cleanse

A much needed adjustment for my writing

Dear reader,

I joined Medium in 2016 just to return to my love of writing blog articles. I had a blog of my own but lost my love for the subject over a 3 year period and had to break out to rekindle my passion for writing in this format. Medium was a place that Pat Flynn recommended, and I came here to improve on my craft.

Over 2016, 2017 and for a small part of 2018, I wrote some politics based articles, because there were some topics that were passion areas for me, and I felt that my side of the argument was being shouted down or out by the noisy opposition.

Image Credit: Pixabay (GhiblyCalimero)

I have a regret for contributing to what I class as ‘unhappy times’, by stirring the pot. It doesn’t ultimately make me happy and I would like to return to a quiet objection to those topics that irk me. I’ll nod my head but secretly I’ll be thinking “screw you.”, which is everybody’s right.

I feel that Medium.com is a mature place for contemplation, and not one for my lazy ponderings. The truth is that despite having an opinion and a voting right, I don’t really understand the big picture the way those that are paid to are. I haven’t been to University to study politics, I haven’t been an active member of any party. And for the most part, I’m quite happy to let the water pass under the bridge.

I’ll vote, because people in history died to ensure that we could all vote, but I will no longer spout my indifference, or grind my cogs. It doesn’t get me anywhere.

Bad Feeling

There has been a lot of bad feeling stirring, whatever side of the fence that people sit on. You may have thought differently about those people that you once called ‘friend’.

The truth is, despite what you believe, those people still are your friends. People don’t always see the world the way you do, and that’s okay, it is not worth losing friends over…. Even if they are idiots.

At my centre I’m a Christian. Despite being non-practicing, and despite having a lineage on my Mother’s Father’s side that is decidedly Jewish. Apologies to those who don’t like the preach but the Bible requires you to ‘love thy neighbour’, and that is something I intend to do.

By taking the action I’ve taken, it doesn’t mean that my views have changed. It just means that I wish to now retract the bile and remain above spreading the mud. It is best for me not to get into it. I might be angry about things I see, but unless I aim to change it with a true action, I’m just burning my cogs over nothing. I believe that burning cogs over nothing, is what most people are doing, because beyond being made an elected leader, you can’t do much beyond placing your vote. That’s how democracy works.


There is a worrying polarisation of thoughts at the moment. Of distinct sides and the names that are slung to those sides. I don’t want to be a part of that. I’ve always prided myself on trying to see views from both sides, and being respectful of views held, despite how ‘dungbeetle’ my sensibilities perceive them to be. I try to inform myself when I don’t know, and I try to seek out impartial facts wherever I can. But despite all that, I still hold some strong views on issues, and ones that won’t ever change, no matter how deeply someone tries to educate me otherwise.

Image Credit: Pixabay (Echoyan)

I am not a box to be ticked, I’m not a mark on graph, I’m uniquely me, as we all are. It is only when we are provided binary choices, that we polarise, and in such times it is normally best to keep our opinions to ourselves. That is the beauty of a vote, you don’t have to tell anybody anything, you can keep your powder dry.

In my Mother’s infinite wisdom, she told me not to let others know how I think and feel about politics, because it is worrying how quickly you can colour someone against you, when they know your true thoughts. The same can be said for these celebrities who make their views very clear. Whilst you remain grey to your leanings, nobody thinks bad of you, but when you put your hat in the ring, you are forever brandished that way. There is something to having a conviction in your thoughts, but you can do that privately, and should.

Double Standards

At current time, I, like many, are annoyed that celebrities use award shows to spout their political views, or ‘bollocks’ as I like to call it. I don’t speak specifically for anyone, and hate to be convicted of generalisation but I know people don’t like celebrity ‘bollocks’ spouting.

Therefore I must be seen to do the same. I don’t hold myself on a high pedestal, and its true to say that very few people give two shits what I say, but I have to stop contributing to the rot. The rot is the problem, the problem is the rot. It’s an Ouroboros loop that eventually leads all that go chasing the tail to insanity.

I stopped watching mainstream news channels 7 years ago, and my life feels much better for it. Because whilst those channels hold to the false impression that they hold any form of impartiality, they are run by individuals who are morally corruptible. There is always an oar in the murky pond, steering.

I know what being ‘triggered’ feels like, and those outlets like to play us like puppets (some like muppets).

The Adjustment

I have deleted all of my articles on Medium, that refer in anyway to politics. It is for the journalists and others to get political boners, not me.

If you are a reader or follower who has linked to any of my items, my apologies, but it is now gone.

What I said was what I meant, but I can no longer field the hostility that it represents. I’m not this person that will deny what I wrote, or come out with any kind of cliché about not meaning it. I meant it at time of writing, but it is something I can’t let consume me, or others. I can’t continue to feed the rot.

If I feel myself drafting anything that goes the politics route in future, I will promptly delete it. It is not who I am, and not who I want to be.


Thank you to all. Peace in our time.

Best wishes,


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